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Bio: Nari Park (mystic messanger OC with Zen)
Name: Nari Park
Username: RedRose94
Birthday: 30th of January
Zodiac: Aquarius
Age: 23
Affiliation: The RFA
Phone:+82  pet-shop
Homeland: South Korea
Citizen of: Seoul
Job: Owner of a pet shop called “Chirp-n-Shop.”
Height: 162cm
Weight: 51kg
Haircolor: Indigo blue
Eyecolor: Navy blue
Likes: Birds, junk food but also fruits, energy bars, milk of any kind, noodles, police movies, cinema, romantic books (huge fan of melodrama, keeps a copy of Romeo and Juliette around), humor of all kinds, decoration (sometimes she buys feng shui guides), clothes and jewelry, gadgets and travelling.
Dislikes: People hostile to pets, reptiles, amphibians and fish (as pets), circuses, snob people, loud music, badly written books, supernatural urban legends, heartless people (especially her father for vanishing after her mother got pregnant), environmental pollution, politics (she votes a blank paper), news on tv, popcorn sticking to her teeth, flowers being cu
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 6
Our Moments: A bright Future together
Megumi could hear Orochimaru cough roughly probably scratching his lungs and throat.  She stared at the ceiling of her room with worry.  Kabuto had not informed her on his state, but whatever Orochimaru had, it would be severe.  She sat in her room and heard footsteps.  She could also hear Kabuto whispering stuff.  Eventually she decided to start drawing dragons, lemon blossoms and katanas.  Soon enough she heard the sound of battling and Sasuke's voice.  She quickly peeped slightly out of her door and noticed Sasuke confronting Orochimaru.  She rushed out when Orochimaru was seemingly dead and tried to hug Sasuke.
“Sa-Sa-Sasuke ?” she questioned her eyes.
“You're free.” he said with authority.
“Can I at least have one of these rough kisses you usually give me ?  I know soon after this you will be gone from here for good.” she said with a sad face.  Sasuke tipped her face upwards.
“Go to Konoha,
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 2 0
Our Moments: Let's clear things up, Megumi
Megumi was working outside of the base as Sasuke had gone with Orochimaru so that he'd see his potential to become his container.  However, Megumi had no idea of Orochimaru's plans, so she kept running rounds to make her body even tighter and firm for Sasuke-kun's own pleasure.  Little did she know her loved one was in danger.  Or the admiration since Sasuke was treating her relatively better later and she was seeing him like an angel before her.
Suddenly an old lady appeared.  Megumi rose an eyebrow and got her polearm ready.  The old lady threw her cloak away revealing herself and along with it, she pulled the sticky mask on her face making wrinkles.  It turned out she was younger than what she seemed with the sticky mask.  Her large nails, pierced the stone with the orange gems put in an order to symbolize a phoenix and she gained a large boost of power.  Megumi's grey-blue eyes widened in surprise.
“No offense.” giggled the woman.
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 0
Our Moments: Sleeping by his side
Orochimaru noticed on the demon-like corpse was a polearm missing.  So he decided to let Kabuto out to find it.  He wasn't entirely displeased with the results of what Sasuke and Megumi did since the corpse was whole, but the missing weapon saddened him.  However, he sent them in a second mission.  Some shinobi from the nearby village had figured them out and Sasuke with Megumi where in a mission to leave no survivors of the small squad.
“Sasuke, your katana is remarkable.” said Megumi to praise him and appease to his mood knowing well enough it was often foul.  According to Megumi it made sense since from that little she was told that his brother had committed genocide.  Megumi at first was speechless, but eventually learnt to nod with his pain.
Megumi sniffed out a kunoichi, she was short, but elegant.  Blond and pale with freckles.  In Megumi's mind she looked deathly pale.  Her family's  kekkei genkai activated for the f
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 0
Our Moments: Dangerous Future
Megumi was out of the base of Orochimaru as a guard.  It was late at night and saw a young woman running towards her.  She tightened her grip on her silver-edged pike and waited for what she thought to be an enemy.  The girl was pale with long black hair and a iris on her hair.  She was wearing a beautiful dress with details.  The woman was also holding a basket covered by a tablecloth.
“You must let me in.” begged the woman.  Megumi lowered her leather mask with the steel buckles.  There was a tired look on her face.
“Why so ?” asked Megumi curiously.  At night her face was free of any make up.
“A relative of Sasuke sent me here to reach him.” she said.  Megumi's eyebrows furrowed.  How could this woman know where Sasuke is ?  She was totally one of the akatsuki.
“Show your real self, akatsuki scam !” threatened Megumi with her pike to the young woman's throat.
“I'm Itachi's he
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 0
Our Moments: Megumi, the silent fighter
Her name was Megumi Shiratori.  Admired by her peers for her battle skills, her fame eventually got out of the city and she was eventually kidnapped by Orochimaru himself to become his guinea pig.  Megumi grew bitter, but new skills were added to her.  She could use combos of chakras as kekkei genkai that she didn't own and become a terrifying opponent.  Stories of her were heard in Konoha and not only.  Various missions made her tougher over time; plus, crystal, storm, ice, wood, any kekkei genkai you name she probably has it and will defeat anyone if he is in the blacklist of her caretaker.
One day, Orochimaru returned with a brand new boy.  His hair were spiky and blue-black in color.  Orochimaru introduced the boy to Megumi as Sasuke Uchiha.  He seemed around 11 years old while Megumi was 13.  She stopped sharpening a stick she had found with her kunai and paid attention to the young boy.  She took off her mask to reveal her face an
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 0
AT Kiss me, Sasuke By Linked-Memories by ChuJu-loves-Zuko AT Kiss me, Sasuke By Linked-Memories :iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 4 0


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HIDAKONA 'OUR EDEN' :iconyumanae:Yumanae 62 15
ChuJu OC Commission (Freya) by tcmarsh ChuJu OC Commission (Freya) :icontcmarsh:tcmarsh 5 3 Mercy by MrtViolet Mercy :iconmrtviolet:MrtViolet 51 1 Requests by BreakerOfOaths Requests :iconbreakerofoaths:BreakerOfOaths 6 9 [ C A L L  _  M Y  _  N A M E ] by GazeRei [ C A L L _ M Y _ N A M E ] :icongazerei:GazeRei 146 19 [DGM] Kokoro goes Doki doki by GazeRei [DGM] Kokoro goes Doki doki :icongazerei:GazeRei 80 31 I'm listening  my lovely playlist by BlackMarlb0r0 I'm listening my lovely playlist :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 40 11
New arts and new drawing skill


:iconenjal:Enjal 3 2
[DGM] Wang Seong Jae - Chae Hwan - Oh Dae Hyeon by GazeRei [DGM] Wang Seong Jae - Chae Hwan - Oh Dae Hyeon :icongazerei:GazeRei 184 47 Zen emote 3 by YO0SUNG Zen emote 3 :iconyo0sung:YO0SUNG 3 0 Niamh by Linked-Memories Niamh :iconlinked-memories:Linked-Memories 44 6 Yilo by Linked-Memories Yilo :iconlinked-memories:Linked-Memories 86 16
Sigan-ui Profile (New oc)
Name:  Sigan-ui
Username: Gongiuui  
Zodiac:  Capricorn
Age: 23
Affiliation: The RFA
Phone:  +82) 13-1307-!#*&
Height: 152.4 cm (5’2”)
Weight: 52.16 kg (115 lbs)
Hair:Really Long-hair Raven hair up to her waist. She usually has a strict rule about her hair, no one is allowed to touch her hair. And she will not wear anything on her head if worn before by a stranger
Eyes: Green and cat like (she wears contact because of poor eye sight no one but Jumin has seen her with her glasses on)
Style: Hipster- Her cloths are all second handed from the thrift shop. She fixes the cloths to fit her style.
Freelance artist- street artist, she makes her money by either commissions or drawing murals on wall.
Guitar- She will play guitar on the side of the street for extra cash.
Art-she became a freelance artist for a reason she tends to draw images in her head of things she saw and is good at it. She even
:iconmikoxyami:MikoxYami 6 14



a certain someone puts so much weight on me that I end up in a psychological hospital, having subscribed an extra anxolytic.

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